McNulty Creates Totally Psych’d To Inspire, Create and Motivate Audiences and Individuals

ImageAs the founder of Success Stories, Inc. – a healthcare management consulting firm, I created a service called Totally Psych’d. With 35+ years in healthcare and as a consultant, I have been an advisor in a variety of different ways. Out of graduate school at Florida State University, I was a therapist at a private psychiatric hospital and later a counselor for teens with serious alcohol and drug addiction. As a professional consultant since 1990, I have worked with start up companies as well as the large healthcare corporations. In this field you find yourself attending many presentations, speeches and experts at podiums. Additionally, I’ve worked with young people trying to carve out a career path and many 50+-something friends who have suddenly been displaced. What I came to realize and witness were common themes of lost inspiration, motivation, innovation and a confused sense of self. No podium speaker is going to turn that around in an hour.

Totally Psych’d, as presented on the Success Stories, Inc. web site is not a speakers bureau; rather, it is a well-crafted presentation to targeted audiences designed to help others find their passion, their personal inventory of skills and a path to reinvention. We’ve worked very purposefully to gather a dozen (so far) theatrical, skilled and captivating presenters who can get their audience “totally psych’d” toward personal or community action. “Imagine a group of high school seniors about to embark on a college path without any strong insight into what they might do well and enjoy. We all know the stories of students who have switched majors and ended up taking six years to graduate – some with lots of debt and very anxious parents. You’ve got to roll out of bed in the morning loving what you do. Today, happiness seems to be the missing ingredient in our daily experiences. Our target gatherings might be college freshman, a stale management team, a bored board of directors, and a group of dreamers looking for a push or those recently fired or pink-slipped on a Friday by email. Too many good people don’t know how to get emotionally and professionally jump started. They are fearful of their future or are oblivious regarding their self-worth or market-value. Sadly, too many ignore the things they would love to do. I often ask, “if you could start fresh, what would you love to do?” Many say, “start my own business, others say become a carpenter, have my own radio show, become a chef, be a teacher and so on. I say back to them, “why not now? Let’s look at that and create-motivate-inspire a plan. We have to help folks snap out of the doldrums, give themselves credit for what they know and match it with a fire in the belly to go do it. For younger people, it might be guiding their passion and energy, mentoring them and motivate them to follow a path to a positive outcome – learning with every bump and bruise. So many parents ask me to sit with their kids and help them discover who they are and what they can be. I thrive on their sense of adventure, but I work to shape a plan. As an adjunct professor, I watch and listen to the hunger pains so many young people have as they graze at the cafeteria line of life’s choices. They are smart, but coddled. They are skilled, but don’t have a toolbox. We all know the kids I’m talking about. Enter Totally Psych’d.

Presentations are inspirational and entertaining. They can be interactive and are always dramatically theatrical. We are here to fire people up, not do a PowerPoint, give them handouts and watch them forget what they heard by the time they hit the door. We don’t have people looking at their watches, instead they are laughing, crying, getting ideas and you can see the expressions on their faces. It is the feedback actors get when they do live theater. Totally Psych’d match a presenter to the audience. Most presentations are 90-minutes and the fee is a flat and firm $1,500. According to McNulty, the single fee structure is market sensitive and avoids getting bogged down with clients and presenters trying to negotiate. Let’s just get on with the show!!

I created Success Stories, Inc. in 1990. I never thought I’d do radio, but I started in 1995 and host a weekly health talk radio program, Spotlight on Health on JOY-FM for 10 years. Since my start, I’ve done 800+ shows. I was lucky to receive storytelling training as a Fellow in the Fellows Action Network of the Health Foundation of Western and Central New York. I am a Leadership Buffalo graduate, Class of 2001. I am a photographer and I incorporate photography in to some of my Totally Psych’d presentations. As Rod Stewart wrote, “Every Picture Tells a Story.”

The service is booking dates for the remainder of 2014 and into the first half of 2014. To learn more, visit and click on the page or Totally Psych’d on Facebook. Call  me at (716) 481-4578 to book a presentation.

Totally Psych’d is a copyrighted service of Success Stories, Inc., a healthcare management consulting firm specializing in health, medical, behavioral health, start ups, healthcare hospitality/customer service and a wide variety of not for profits. Success Stories, Inc. is based in Orchard Park with operations in New York and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Are you ready to get Totally Psych’d?


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