Do You Have a Business Plan for 2012? C’mon, Really?

Yes, let's do this!

Business plans no longer come in big three-ring binders with a nice cover and sit on a shelf. For God’s sake, I hope not!

Rather, today’s business plan is an organic working document representing the facts and formulas for success. The longer they are, the fewer people will read them, including you if you wrote it. A good business plan tells a story of your situation, where you are, where you want to be and how to get there. Does that sound like War and Peace to you?

The recent plans I have done become the agenda items for brief “where are we so far” meetings that should not exceed an hour. They are plans with assignments and accountability. They are organic because they will grow, change, blossom if you water them correctly.

Think of a business plan as your company’s AAA TripTic. You have a place to start, things to do along the way, detours to make, places to stay a little longer if needed, speeds to consider, resources you’ll need and a map (GPS, I get it) to reach your destination.

We have all taken trips on a whim. Some work out fine; while others are a “are we ever going to get there?” experience. A business plan organizes your journey – plain and simple.

At Success Stories, Inc. we can help you create your TripTic and make your business plan practical, achievable, ambitious and adjustable. I promise. Too many times I’ve seen plans loaded with stuff no one reads or they fake like they understand it. Meanwhile, everyone is going in the direction they think works best. A good plan is brought into meetings to examine progress, make adjustments, discuss external forces or unforeseen market shifts or regulations. That’s the “plan” part of an active business plan.

So, tell the truth. Do you have one? If not, no sweat, but let’s get started.

The company you save may be your own!


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