Buffalo Sabres’ Passion and What Children Should Learn

Watching Ryan Miller walk off the ice was tough to see because you know his passion for the game and his sense of obligation to his teammates and fans. What I also see is how passion builds character and how our emotions help shape our values. We get excited because something stirs us inside. It fires us up. We believe. We get involved. We dream.

When our dreams do not come true, we get stirred up, too. Many of us grow from disappointment. We develop from failures. We examine, correct our course and we are better for it.

So, what will you tell your Buffalo Sabres-crazed children about Game Seven and lessons of life?

Our real world says not everyone will get a Stanley Cup. We can teach our children that success is measured in many ways. Did the Sabres truly lose if they played as hard as they could? When our children work very hard in school, in sports or other pursuits, they are winners because they grow, develop, understand, adjust and try again at what they seek to achieve.

What should children learn about competition? I hope they learn great lessons from their parents about competing for a job, improving their community, supporting a worthy cause and being kind to others. We should also make sure that they understand and practice being good sports. Congratulate and console. As they say in England, Stay Calm and Carry On!

What is our “final score” in life? How do we want our children to view success? How can we help our children understand how passion makes great things happen? OK, it is not a guarantee, but who could deny that passion is not critical in life. Passion drives our spirit, enriches our soul and fuels our energy to “carry on.”

We are given opportunities to teach others. The Buffalo Sabres’ passion was obvious throughout the series  right to the season’s final buzzer.

While I do not know the gentleman, I suspect that Sabres owner, Mr. Pegula gets it, taught his children well and will have encouraging things to say to his players.



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