What Stirs Us Inside

Throughout the course of our day we encounter people, places, images, messages, issues and opinions. I’ve heard we see 2,500 messages a day in some form. That’s a great amount of communication coming our way. We sort it out rather quickly into categories in our mind or it slips in to our subconscious or, better yet in most cases, right out of our mind.

Thank God that he created our mind to capture and retain things that stir us. Things stir us to action, discussion, research or they simply touch us emotionally. When this happens, we do a double-take and we attempt to recapture the moment, image, experience or feeling. As we know, we are all “stirred” in our own unique way. It helps us define what is truly important. Typically these moments also say something about our value system, character and who we are proud to be.

So, here’s my recent moment. It may seem silly or small on the world’s stage of issues from another’s perspective. For me, it touched my soul.

It is the Goo Goo Dolls recent recording and video, Not Broken. My father served in WWII and I do volunteer advocacy for returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. The song and the video touched me as I thought of what it must be like for veterans away from home and their family members. Horrible things happen to good people because of war. Healing takes years. Bodies, minds and spirits are broken, but when love reaches those who need it most, the wounds of war can heal.

Check out the song and video. What stirs you inside?


Tom McNulty
President, Success Stories


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