Spotlight on Health

Tom McNulty has been doing health talk radio since 1995 when he started a program called, Frankly Speaking on Buffalo’s WBEN-AM. From there he created Mind Matters and joined WHTT Oldies 104-FM. Mind Matters focused on behavioral health issues and ran for two years before the station changed ownership. Highgate Medical Group sponsored a program called Here’s To Your Health for a couple of seasons on WHDL-AM. McNulty stayed on the air and went to CBS Radio with a show called Highlights on Health. Highlights on Health ran on 1230 WECK-AM for two years. Today, Tom McNulty and producer, Bob Hill are on Spotlight on Health – now going in to its 8th year on 96.1 WJYE-FM (JOY-FM) in Buffalo. A very special thanks to our wonderful sponsors, DENT Neurologic Institute (since 2003), Mercy Hospital (since 2003), People, Inc. (since 2008), Spotlight on Hope (since 2005) and many others!

At last count, Tom says he has done more than 700+ radio programs. Spotlight on Health is also simulcast at Sunday mornings at 7:00 a.m. EST.

Stay Healthy   Stay Informed   Stay Tuned!

Guests from DENT Neurologic Institute



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